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Maine Bear Hunting Guide

Maine Bear Hunts

Experience a Maine Bear hunting trip of a lifetime in Aroostook county . 80% of all bears harvested in Maine come from Aroostook county.  Maine has the biggest population of bears in the lower 48 states.  Bait sites been well establisled for over 15 years located along the New Brunswick Canada border with miles of wilderness.  Bear hunters have seen five or six different bears in one evening on stand. Being your Maine bear hunting guide we work very hard to get your Maine trophy black bear of a lifetime. Some of the areas we hunt with apple trees, swamps, hard woods and farm lands.

Our success has generally been around 100% shot opportunites

We offer two different types of Maine bear hunts, fully guided american plan and house-keeping plan.

[ you cook your own meals ]

Fully Guided american plan :

Maine Bear hunts are five days and six nights. The price includes transportation to and from bait sites, three home cooked meals a day, lodging, skinng and quartering of your trophy. Included in your Bear hunt we offer Coyote hunts over baited. If you like to fish we have great Smallmouth Bass,Largemouth Bass, Brook Trout, perch, pickerel fishing in our lake or use one of our canoe`s to paddle around the lake to see some of the loons, eagles and other wildlife.

During your Maine bear hunting trip you will be staying in our lake-front camp with hot and cold running water 3/4 bath, full kitchen and two bedrooms that sleep four. All you need to bring is your personal items.[ All bedding provided ]

You will have some of the best home cooked meals in our lakeside lodge starting with a continental breakfast, at noon you will have the main meal of the day before we take you to your stands. After everyone and there bears are pick up we will head back to camp for an evening meal.

Your Maine Bear hunts begins early afternoon and ends after dark. We only guide four to six hunters per week to keep your Bear hunt more personalized and in a friendly atmosphere. You come as a client and leave as a long time friend.

House-Keeping Plan

Everything is included in this plane except meals { you do your own cooking } 

All of our bait sites are baited 30 days before the season starts to insure you have active bait sites. We do not put anyone on sites that are not active

We use both ladder stands and ground blinds placed 10 to 50 yards from bait sites. Your choice of weapons: rifle, muzzleloader, hand gun, bow or crossbow.  Please let us know at time of booking what weapon you choose to use: so we can have stands set up well before your bear hunt.


All hunters must use safety harness or safety belt when bear hunting from tree stands. If you do not have one let us know, we have full body harness here for you to use.


Maine Moose Hunting

Maine Moose Hunts

Maine moose hunts are by lottery permit only.

We specialize in WMD`s 11,19 and 18, We are right in the middle of these WMD`s area`s some of the best Maine moose hunting down east maine has to offer. Moose in these area`s  have weights over 800lbs with antlers spread up to 60 inches. As your Maine moose hunting guide we will work very hard to get your moose. Being your Maine moose hunting guide your success is our success. 

As the season gets closer and the rut starts,the moose become more active. Hunt is a combination of calling and stalking and the use of tree stands. When we arrive at pre-scoutted locations, we will start by calling to locate your moose. 

American Plan.....3 meals a day 

House-Keeping [ you do your own cooking ]

 Includes all transportation to and from hunting areas and lodging and getting your trophy tagged

We can take you to a butcher if you would like to have your moose processed.

If you get your moose early in the week we offer grouse and woodcock over pointing dogs at additional charge.

 Coyote hunting over bait at no cost to you.


Maine Grouse Hunts /  Woodcock Hunts

Maine has some of the best grouse and woodcock covers in New England with many hard wood ridges, clear cuts, old farms and old logging roads.

We are located in the annual migration fly way of the woodcock from Canada, in addition to local birds and a good population of ruffed grouse will make for a great hunt.

 Its not uncommon to have 15-20 flushes a day.


Maine Deer Hunting

Maine has some of the biggest whitetail deer in the east weighting 200-300lbs. Here in the Lincoln Lakes region we have a good number of deer. You won`t see alot of deer but you have a good chance to a shot at that 200lb+ deer of a lifetime. You could even get a shot at a Maine coyote or two.

We are located in the midst of beech ridges, old farms, new and old cuttings and cedar swamps that make good cover.

All of our Maine deer hunts are semi-guided and housekeeping only.The guide will take you to prescoutted areas, he will provide detailed information regarding the areas where to hunt.

Rifle Hunting

Archery Hunts

Muzzelloader Hunts


Maine Coyote  Hunts / Maine Camp Rental

There is no closed season for coyote in Maine. The best time to hunt them is January through March the pelts are in prime condition. However you will need good warm cothing this time of year. You will be hunting in heated ground blinds over bait and/or by calling.

Camp Rental May to August


Maine Turkey Hunts

The sport of MaineTurkey hunting  has made a great come back with the help of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife along with the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Its not uncommon to see 20 to 50 turkeys in a flock, what could match the sounds of calling to these great birds on a cool spring morning hearing that big tom answering your calls. If you are new to the sport of turkey hunting we can do the calling for you. Seasoned hunters may do there own calling. The areas we hunt have been well scoutted  before the season starts.



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